Froggy's Party Pad




Q. What is Froggy’s Party Pad?

A. Froggy’s Party Pad is an indoor Birthday venue that caters to children under 6 years of age. All of our events are completely private…yes private! Our Play area is very fun, colorful clean and inviting. We have plenty for the kids to do and lots of seating for your guest. We also have music, lighting t.v’s., private cake rooms, lounge area for older guest or siblings, soft foam flooring for the safety of all children, climbers, bouncy houses and lots of interactive toys. 

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. The facility is only open during scheduled events.  

Q. How could I see the facility before booking?

A. For your convenience there is a virtual tour tab on our website and you are able to see the entire facility. You could also contact us by email, facebook messenger or call (978) 377-7721 Monday-Friday to set up a tour.


Q. Do you offer open play time?

A. Unfortunately we do not offer open play. Froggy’s is a private Birthday and Event Venue that caters to children under 6 years of age.

Q. Could older children attend?

A. Older children are welcome! Unfortunately for the safety of the younger children any child over the age of 7 is not permitted in our play area but we do have a media lounge set up with t.v., arcades and wii system for their enjoyment.

Q. Do children over 7 yrs old have to pay?

A. We only count the children under 6 yrs of age. The cake room tables will have sitting set up for the number of children on your package and chairs along the wall for your adult guest or older children.

Q. How many adults are allowed to attend?

A. We average 2 adults per child. The facility is spacious enough if we need to accommodate additional adults.

Q. If I do not have the minimum amount of children (16) do I still have to pay the full price?

A. Unfortunately our smallest package is for minimum 16 children. 

Q. Do I have to remove my shoes?

A. Only if you are going into the play area. Socks are also required.

Q. Could I bring food?

A. The only package that allows food is out 4 hour “Hoppin Big Package”. This package comes with 2 rooms. One for food which we set up buffet style and the other for your cake set up and decorations.

The only items you are allowed to bring is cake, cake treats, goodie bags, soft drinks/water and ice.

Q. Could I order additional pizza during the party?

A. Yes. 30 minutes into your party we will take a food order.

Q. Do I need to bring plates, cups or utensils?

A. You do not. We will provide plates, cups, utensils and napkins.

Q. Could I bring my own decorations?

A. Outside decorators, backdrops, lighting, arches music system and any wall or ceiling decorations are not permitted. Froggy’s Party Pad specializes in decoration/Theme packages. The only items allowed are simple character plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces and balloons.

Q. When is payment do?

A. Final payment is due 5 days before your event. You will receive an invoice by email of which you could pay right online. Payment is expected before your event. We will also contact you the week before your event to go over final details of your party.

Q. Could I bring my own photographer, face painter, mascot character?

A. Yes. Please notify us if you are so that we could make arrangements. We also have a these services available. Please check with us!

Q. What’s the timeline of the parties?

A. Basic 2 hour party- 1.15 minutes of playtime and remainder of time in cake room

3 hour party- 2 hours of playtime and 1 hour in cake room 

4 Hour party- 3 hours of playtime and 1 hour cake room ( we also have other timeline options)

Q. Does Froggy always come out to dance?

A. Yes. Froggy is always scheduled to make his appearance just before it’s time to go to cake room.

Q. Is tipping allowed?

Tips are always welcome for our staff ;-)